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"A girlfriend of mine suggested I go to Legends to have my Lexus repaired. I had been to the dealer in Carlsbad for a warranty repair and was also told I needed brakes. The service writer had given me the quote...  I hit the floor.
I called my girlfriend and she told me to go up the street to Legends, her son had a good experience there. Wow what  a difference! They took me without an appointment, test drove my car put it up and checked the brakes (all at no cost).
I did in fact need the  front brakes but not the rears (as the dealer had told me I had more then 50% left) Cesar is by far the most honest mechanic in existence. I was impressed with his knowledge & kindness. Crystal explained everything & they showed me what & why I needed my brakes.  I can not imagine taking my car anywhere else."
-Jackie M

"What amazing shop! The perfect alternative to the dealer. I brought my Toyota here after the dealer quoted me $1700+ to do my timing belt service. I know its an essential service for the car but $1700? So I came here to Legends and asked for a quote... $850 HALF!!! They used all Toyota parts, belts & fluids. As a customer you really get to reap the benefits of having someone who knows these cars work on it. My car was done the same day. I got a ride to work form Crystal & picked up. Crystal explained everything & the importance of doing this service. Cesar is the mechanic and he did such a great job my car runs better then when I bought it! I will come here from now on!"
-Jude S.

"I drive my Accord everywhere, it has 108,000 miles on it. It was starting to show some signs of becoming sluggish. I read such good reviews about Legends I decided to bring it in for a check-up. Cesar & Crystal took a look at my car, drove it and gave me a quote for doing a service on it. They explained everything to me even broke up the services into priorities, so I knew which was more important. The best part, they didn't even charge me to look at my Honda (or educate me about it).  I came back the next week and had the 105k service, Timing Belt Service & Valve Adjust Service done on my Accord. I had no idea these services were so important. I saved hundreds of dollars and they had it done the same day! My car runs like new now. I am so impressed with this shop!"
-Matt B.
The best compliment we can receive is a referral or a positive review! Thank you for your continued support. With lots of Love Cesar & Crystal
Our customers are the best!
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